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 About us


  • ZING! was formed in 2010 with 12 members. Our numbers are now around 40!

  • We have performed at weddings, fashion shows, charity functions, churches, birthday parties to name just a few.



  • We rehearse at Houghton Church Hall, Carlisle, every Monday evening from 7.30pm to 9.15pm.



  • Being a member of ZING! requires a strong level of commitment.

  • We perform without music so all parts have to be learned!



  • We meet socially from time to time which includes our annual dinner together. 

  New members

  • If you are interested in joining, please contact us via the 'contact' page.


  Our performances

  • We wear our choir colours and change for our second half when appropriate.

  • We have built our own stage which means we can perform almost anywhere.

  • We have our own stage lighting which we use for effect.

  • In larger venues we use microphones.

  • Our repertoire is made up of songs that have been in the charts from the 60s onwards.

  • We encourage our audiences to join in if they wish.

  • We also like our audiences to dance - this has happened on many occasions!

  • We do not perform solo songs - all our numbers are in harmony.

  • All our words, melodies and harmonies are memorised.




  • We raise a lot of money for various charities.  .

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